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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tamil Actress Ranjitha Profile

Ranjitha - Tamil Actress Profile
Ranjitha is a famous south indian actress. She is acted in Tamil Malayalam films. Ranjitha is Debut film in Nadodi Therndral in Bharadhi raja direction. She had a several films. She had got married to an Army officer, Rakesh Menon and had quit films to settle down in holy matrimony. For a few years, she did continue to be away. But then, she surprised everybody by announcing her comeback. Rumors soon started that her marriage was in trouble and that's the reason why she had decided to return to films. Ranjitha was acted in Tamil serials.

Ranjitha denies the rumors and says that she is now back simply to explore opportunities that give her scope to perform. "Initially, I was not able to do a variety of roles. But this time I'm even accepting negative roles because there are potentials to act. Some say that I had returned to films because I had run into financial crisis after the marriage. That's not true. There are no fights or misunderstandings between my husband and me. In fact, I had returned to films with his consent," she says. Now she is acting in serial "Thekkathi Ponnu" Kalaingar Tv opposite Nepolean.

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